How Experts Blend SEO With Their Content Strategy

Search engine optimization is one topic where you are guaranteed to find conflicting information. With changing algorithms and some firms still employing outdated tactics, expert advice is needed now more than ever.

Fortunately, someone has already done the hard work of polling the experts to find out the information you have to know in order to integrate SEO into your content strategy. That someone is Erin Nelson, Press & Communication Manager of international start-up exploreB2B.

Tell me  a little bit about ExploreB2B?

Our start-up, exploreB2B is a professional network and publishing platform for professionals. The goal is to share ideas and expertise in the form of articles. Articles serve as a means to promote industry leadership, communicate valuable marketing messages, and inspire relevant connections.

I, personally, have used exploreB2B as a platform to share (and leverage) my experience with content marketing and brand strategy. I’ve achieved a degree of social media influence by running several interview series, most recently, with SEO experts.

What did you learn from interviewing these SEO experts?

So much more than I anticipated! First, I learned that someone’s professional history has a large impact on their relationship to SEO. While almost everyone I interviewed focused on the necessity of optimizing high-quality content to provide value to the reader, their attachment to the term “SEO” varied, depending on their past and current roles.

One interviewee adamantly proclaimed the death of SEO, while another described it as an algorithm shift that could be managed by sharing purposeful, desirable and relevant content. Yet at the end of the day, what they each were saying was the same: optimization is a technical necessity, but a moot point if you don’t provide a foundation of thoughtful content that promises utility for the reader or further promote the content within your (or your client’s) active, social communities.

Maybe most surprising was that each interviewee was eager to talk about the theory surrounding SEO, rather than the technical aspects of page ranking, keyword placement, back links and search engine crawlers. I took this to mean that SEO is secondary to the value produced by the content, even in the context of optimization itself.

How does SEO impact your life as a CMO?

SEO is a large part of any marketer’s world. While our main mission at exploreB2B is to provide value for our readers, we have to ensure that the content we produce can be found.

We place a strong emphasis on developing meaning within our articles and marketing literature to suit the desires of our readership over those of the search engine crawlers scanning our text, but always in the back of our minds are tactics that can be implemented to elevate the discovery of our content that is a bi-product of labor and love. The most success we have found, whether considered SEO-related or not, has been our investment in creating strong, social media communities to propel our message.

Expert Advice

The Debunking SEO series Erin referenced has some invaluable content from SEO experts and other marketers dealing with SEO on a daily basis. Here are links to some key interviews in the series listed by expert:


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What other content would you like to see on SEO? Let me know in the comments.

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