Instantly Improve Your Site Content

Let’s agree on one thing.

The word “complete” should never be attached to your website.

Something is always changing on your site.  New blog posts, case studies, white papers, updated services, your “About” page, testimonials, client lists, publications, SEO tweaks, etc…

People ask for help with technology they don’t understand (like Twitter chats) but make assumptions that their written content is just fine.  They understand their business better than anyone else so they don’t even ask for feedback when it comes to the copywriting on their most important pages. (As a side note, the page that isn’t important should be removed).

So where does your copy stand?

I Am The Greatest

This worked great for Muhammad Ali but doesn’t work that well for your business.  Potential customers want to know what you can do for THEM.

Don’t get too freaked out by this.  Just focus on the problems that you solve and write from the standpoint of your customers needs.  It doesn’t mean you can never use “I” or “we”, just make sure that your customer is the focus.

That’s Interesting.  Now What?

Have you ever been to a beautifully designed site and then wondered what you were supposed to do next?

Do you call?

Where is the number?


Will someone named “info” actually reply?

Can I buy this thing now or do I have to go to another page?

Let your prospective customer know what they should do next if they are interested. If you have a great product for sale, encourage them to “Buy Now”.

If you are building your email list by offering a valuable white paper, ask people to enter their email address so that they can receive the valuable white paper.  (Genius, I know.)  Don’t assume someone knows what to do next or what will happen after they do what you are asking.

Give a clear call-to-action and explain what will happen next.

I’m Tired Just Looking At This!

If you have multiple paragraphs of text with no bullets, bold words, text boxes or other eye-catching tools, your readers are either falling asleep or moving on.

Maybe you think you don’t have time to improve your copy.  At the very least, change the format of your text. People scan and want to know why they should read further or why your product or service matters to them.  And they want that information NOW.

Think about how you read.  Are you excited to see page after page of boring copy?

No Thanks.  I’ll Perform My Own Surgery.

Some of you are natural writers and can easily place yourself in the seat of your prospective customer and remove the curse of knowledge.  Most of you are great at building, managing, analyzing and all sorts of other things that will make you more money than trying to learn to write your own copy.

When you want an amazing logo, you hire a graphic designer.  When you want your car supercharged, you hire a qualified mechanic.

So why does the writing on your website get less consideration?

How do you improve your web copy?  Let me know in the comments and ask me specific questions about your site if you want some advice.


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