Indianapolis Content Marketing – Examples for Inspiration

Interest in content marketing is growing exponentially. As with any other marketing effort, great advice and terrible advice swim in the same pool.

One way to sift through the murky sea of conflicting advice is to look for concrete examples. The same examples tend to get repeated so I took a different approach.

Indianapolis, my hometown and a great city to start a business (according to Kiplinger magazine), provides some great examples for a variety of content marketing approaches. Here are four that range from small-and-local to billion-dollar-multi-national:

Video Focus for Local Promotion






Ben Risinger and the folks at DoItIndy have done a fantastic job using video to promote the great things happening in the city of Indianapolis. In fact, their fun and informative videos have landed them a regular spot on a local news channel.

A blog, calendar of events and an active social media presence top off their content marketing efforts. If your organization or business has a local focus and likes the idea of video, use DoItIndy as your model.

Multifaceted Approach to a One-Man-Brand

Peter Dunn, know as Pete the Planner, covers all the bases if you are trying to clearly market your expertise on multiple platforms.

Pete uses a blog, radio, TV, books, speaking, training and social media to clearly show you what he does and why he’s an expert. Pete is able to demonstrate expertise in a complicated and competitive area while using his quick wit to add humor. He also gives you a snapshot of his personal life that humanizes his work beyond simply numbers.

Content marketing isn’t just blogging or whitepapers and Pete shows how you can use both “traditional” and new media effectively.

Content Marketing for a New Business Approach




SlingshotSEO saw the future and morphed its business model from primarily SEO to SEO and inbound marketing. Content and search go hand-in-hand in any effective content marketing program so, while the synergy is obvious, the company mission needed to be articulated clearly.

Chad Pollitt, Steven Shattuck and the rest of the marketing team ramped-up the gated content and blog posts to provide valuable resources to interested inbound marketers. The plan appears to have simultaneously clarified their company mission while generating leads with useful content.

Compelling Research From A Billion-Dollar Company

ExactTarget is a billion-dollar cross-channel global marketing SaaS company. With such interesting and timely marketing topics covering email, mobile, social and more, it would be easy to crank out daily 3-step blog posts everyday without having to think very much.

However, Jeff Rohrs spearheaded the meaty research being done for the SUBSCRIBERS, FANS & FOLLOWERS series. The research reports have become extremely popular downloads for the company and give Rohrs and Kyle Lacy plenty of unique material as they travel the globe for various speaking engagements.

In a company this large and in this space, webinars, videos, community building and a popular international conference all work together to bring value to current and prospective customers. Take a deep dive into the ExactTarget website and get some ideas on how you can replicate the successful content marketing efforts of this global brand.

There are a variety of ways to grow your business through content marketing. Wherever you are located and whatever the size of your organization, you can have success marketing with valuable content. Find inspiration, get good advice and get started!

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  2. Silver Square (, is a smaller agency that also provides very compelling solutions around content marketing/storytelling!

    • Vince Robisch says:

      Thanks Dave! I will likely write a Part 2 post so I will keep them in mind.


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