How A Copywriter Evaluates A Great Website Like Square

I love Square.

They value beautiful, simple design in both their product and website design. When you see their product in action, you will notice that it fascinates first-time users with its ingenious utility. Square is a wonderful example of designers driving entrepreneurialism.

Square will serve as an example to give you insight into what a copywriter and content marketer thinks about when evaluating a site. It will also help you know what you are getting when you hire a great copywriter.

Main Message and Navigation

Start accepting credit cards today.

The copy is well-written and specific. Specificity is essential on the web. Readers have to know what you can do for them quickly.

The design is uncluttered and you almost miss the ultra-light gray navigation selections at the bottom of the page. Not a bad idea for keeping you focused on the main call-to-action while maintaining choices for those seriously searching for more information.

The main message and desired action are clear while important secondary actions are available but not distracting.


The clear call-to-action is to sign up and get your free card reader.

But is there enough information to compel a reader to sign up? In other words, is it too early in the buying process to ask for a sign up?

Testing is a great way to alleviate incorrect assumptions about copy.

The home page design is a great place to test.

Rather than the sign up slider, Square could try the three product choices as the call-to-action. Once a product page was selected, that page would contain the first call for signing up and includes longer copy that addresses the concerns of how Square works and it’s pricing model.


In their own words, “Square is a design and story-driven company.”

They clearly care about design, but how developed is the storytelling?

Square does a nice job telling the story of their customers, which is typically more important than telling your company story. On their testimonials page, short videos show how business owners use Square and why it benefits their business.

Video is a great way to tell a story. It creates a visual connection and is great for search engine results.

The testimonials page headline “Square is for everyone” could be refined. The idea is to cast a broad net but the ideal user might need to be defined in order to connect. Plus, no benefit is conveyed in this statement, missing an opportunity to tell potential customers what they gain.

The testimonial page features business owners so here are some possible options to replace “Square is for everyone”:

Square makes payment easy.

Makes life easier for your customer and your business.

Square grows your business.

Easy payment means fewer missed sales.

Square is the greatest revelation in business transactions since the handshake.

Might be more appropriate for something like a magazine ad but catchy.

Square is for closers.

Light-hearted play on the famous line from the movie Glengarry Glen Ross. Also might be better for an ad.

Update: No joke, as I was editing this post, Square added a subhead to the testimonial page. Subhead helps but doesn’t negate the suggestions above.

One thing that’s missing is the story of Square itself. They have an interesting story and impressive founders. They also have a product that needs to show its legitimacy.

Trust is a key part of their business and the company story would really help solidify the image of the company in the minds of new customers. A company that has the luxury of founders that most people would recognize should take advantage of that connection.

A complete navigation, content and copywriting analysis would go into much greater detail and depth. However, you should now have an idea of what to look for on your own site as well as some standards to use when hiring a copywriter for revisions or analysis.

And remember, Square is a great site. Imagine what proper analysis and writing could do for a terrible site!!

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