Indianapolis Content Marketing – Examples for Inspiration

Interest in content marketing is growing exponentially. As with any other marketing effort, great advice and terrible advice swim in the same pool.

One way to sift through the murky sea of conflicting advice is to look for concrete examples. The same examples tend to get repeated so I took a different approach.

Indianapolis, my hometown and a great city to start a business (according to Kiplinger magazine), provides some great examples for a variety of content marketing approaches. Here are four that range from small-and-local to billion-dollar-multi-national: [Read more...]

Simplify and Supercharge Your Writing

It’s hard to make your content stand out on the web.


There is no shortage of advice that will have you second-guessing every word you write. You’ll be worried about punctuation, style manuals, catchy headlines, appealing to search engines and sounding smart.


Vivek Wadhwa wrote an article for LinkedIn that captured four points every writer should post to their wall (I already have). Follow this advice and keep writing. You’ll be fine, I promise.

Speak fearlessly from the heart;

Get to the point immediately;

Keep the message simple and focused;

Use the fewest words you can.


Simple Is Hard


As I stared down at the buttons of yet another basketball scoreboard system, this one made sense.

You would think it would be easy. Just make adding or subtracting the score simple, be clear on where and how to add team fouls and make my passion for the game the only obstacle to correctly starting and stopping the clock.

However, at each basketball venue, a different system stared back at me. From new to antiquated, tabletop to handheld, some of the systems were complex to the point of being impossible to use without a brief training session.

Shouldn’t putting six minutes on the clock every quarter be simple?

At some point along the way, the complexity of the technology and all of the potential uses of the scoreboard complicated the design.

Have you ever walked into someone’s house only to find five remote controls that operate their television, satellite dish, dvr and game console?

Turning on the TV is a complete guessing game.

None of the controls are intuitive.

It’s as if the complexity somehow justifies the expense.

And so it goes with our writing.

Everyone can write so they assume clear, concise writing is easy.

If that is the case, why is it so hard to find a well-written website?

The words flow and the copy envelopes the site. Page upon page explain the reader into submission. In the digital world, submission means clicking onto a different site. Submission is not your goal.

A clear message with the fat judiciously removed flows so easily.

A captivating story, a 30-second video script and an explanatory tagline make all of the difference in a noisy, crowded digital world.

You might be able to fall into this occasionally or have a special gift for this kind of writing. More than likely though, you have drafted, studied, invited feedback and worked diligently to develop this talent.

The end result is beautiful and simple…and everyone thinks they can do it themselves.


How Experts Blend SEO With Their Content Strategy

Search engine optimization is one topic where you are guaranteed to find conflicting information. With changing algorithms and some firms still employing outdated tactics, expert advice is needed now more than ever.

Fortunately, someone has already done the hard work of polling the experts to find out the information you have to know in order to integrate SEO into your content strategy. That someone is Erin Nelson, Press & Communication Manager of international start-up exploreB2B.

Tell me  a little bit about ExploreB2B?

Our start-up, exploreB2B is a professional network and publishing platform for professionals. The goal is to share ideas and expertise in the form of articles. Articles serve as a means to promote industry leadership, communicate valuable marketing messages, and inspire relevant connections.

I, personally, have used exploreB2B as a platform to share (and leverage) my experience with content marketing and brand strategy. I’ve achieved a degree of social media influence by running several interview series, most recently, with SEO experts.

What did you learn from interviewing these SEO experts?

So much more than I anticipated! First, I learned that someone’s professional history has a large impact on their relationship to SEO. While almost everyone I interviewed focused on the necessity of optimizing high-quality content to provide value to the reader, their attachment to the term “SEO” varied, depending on their past and current roles. [Read more...]

How A Copywriter Evaluates A Great Website Like Square

I love Square.

They value beautiful, simple design in both their product and website design. When you see their product in action, you will notice that it fascinates first-time users with its ingenious utility. Square is a wonderful example of designers driving entrepreneurialism.

Square will serve as an example to give you insight into what a copywriter and content marketer thinks about when evaluating a site. It will also help you know what you are getting when you hire a great copywriter.

Main Message and Navigation

Start accepting credit cards today.

The copy is well-written and specific. Specificity is essential on the web. Readers have to know what you can do for them quickly.

The design is uncluttered and you almost miss the ultra-light gray navigation selections at the bottom of the page. Not a bad idea for keeping you focused on the main call-to-action while maintaining choices for those seriously searching for more information.

The main message and desired action are clear while important secondary actions are available but not distracting.


The clear call-to-action is to sign up and get your free card reader.

But is there enough information to compel a reader to sign up? In other words, is it too early in the buying process to ask for a sign up? [Read more...]