Announcing the New Free Course “How To Build Your First Email Autoresponder”

Hey everyone!

In conjunction with my first guest post on Copyblogger, I am announcing a new free course called How To Build Your First Email Autoresponder.

The course is delivered to your inbox in weekly installments and shows you exactly how to grow your email list through a simple process your readers will love. (Yes, it’s an autoresponder on how to build an autoresponder but don’t think about that too long or your head will explode!)

Click on the landing page link above or the beautifully designed image in the sidebar for more information. I think you’re really going to like it!

As usual, I love your feedback so please leave a comment.


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  1. Great tips. Auto repsonders are important part of the overall eMall strategy.

    • Vince Robisch says:

      Thanks Lorraine!

  2. Sam Easter says:

    The first assignment is a bit confusing. Under the heading “Easy Practice” your write: “This email is pre-loaded with generic content. Your next project is to edit this email.” It’s not clear what you mean by “this email.” I would happily edit it if I could find it. Thanks…

    • Vince Robisch says:

      Thanks for pointing that out. I’ve edited the post to hopefully be more clear. The email I am referring to would be the Thank You Email within your email program. Which email program are you using? Have you tried to login to see if they have a Thank You Email that is generated for subscribers to your blog?

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